Unnecessary NEEDS

So I really really want a motorcycle. A Honda Shadow Aero to be exact (Black + Silver). I've kind of toyed with it for a while as just an idea, but as the weather gets nicer it just sounds so right. I've attached a picture of Robin and I on a 2004 all black model. Looking into it, though, it is a LOT more expensive just getting into motorcycling.

Bike: $6,599 for the one I want.
Gear: Andrew says almost another $1,000 (gloves, jacket, boots and of course, a helmet)
Insurance: $47 a MONTH
Class: $60-$80 (because I won't just get on and ride one)

However, gas will be cheap (with a 3 gallon tank) and should go a long way. We'll see how things go after I find out what my new salary is going to be. Here's to hoping it is EASY to afford!


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